Harvest Engineering Pty Ltd.

Specialised Welders.

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PO Box 759
Braeside 3195
Tel (61 3) 9587 5511
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15 Jarrah Drive, Braeside, Victoria 3195
P.O. Box 759 Braeside, Victoria 3195
Phone: 61 (0)3 9587 5511 Fax: 61 (0)3 9587 645

Combining 21st century technology with
19th century service

Harvest Engineering was established by Kevin and Julie Galna in 1978 to facilitate the welding of medium and high alloy steels, particularly in the Tool and Die Industry. The majority of welding technology is concerned with the joining of metals, or fabrication. We have specialised in the field of analogous welding or color matching of steels. This is the art of depositing welds so perfect that they can be etched in the same way as the parent metal. This is critical in the manufacturing of dies for the plastics molding industry.

As our expertise developed, so did our reputation and we were asked to apply our welding knowledge to a wide variety of problems. Some of the industries that we currently service include Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, Plastics, Diecasting (zinc and aluminium), Press tools, Containers and packaging, Concast steel mills, Paper manufacturing, Newspaper printing presses, Coining and hobbing tools, Hydraulics, Hardsurfacing and many other fields.

Investment in state of the art equipment has played an important part in our success. Robotics, with the added ability to down load ‘real time’ welding parameters, have expanded our capabilities beyond our expectations. The logging of data enables us to undertake research and development projects with absolute control of quality assurance requirements.

The most important investment that we have ever made is in our staff. The most modern technology and the most suitable welding consumables can often be wasted by poor application. We have learned that people with the best qualifications can not compete with those that have the best attitude. Our staff are encouraged to gain further qualifications in their field. Each employee is given the opportunity to study for a Degree in their chosen field such as Metallurgy, Quality assurance or any discipline that will enhance their knowledge. Your problem will be solved by a person that knows what they are doing and cares about the outcome. We welcome your inquiry. A problem shared is a problem solved.